Class Calendar

Update:::::  We did not meet the minimum number of students needed to hold the winter class.

At this time our next class, orientation date, will be February 19,2022.  Please contact us a month prior to this date to be sure we have provided you a current information/registration packet. 


Thank you and we hope to see you in the spring for this exciting career path!




Entry Level Dental Assisting:   (Our Information/Registration packet will give you more information you will need) . or contact me, Gail, at 509-699-1199....I love to share the class content so you can make the best decision for your career path.

NOTICE:  120+ Jobs were posted "State Wide" on Craigslist between September 7, 2021 and October 5, 2021...............  Now IS the time to consider a new or different career path.

What better gift to give a special person than a new skill set and career opportunity.  Hands on training with all inclusive class supplies, text books, licenses and required certificates and much more!  You do not even need to purchase a pencil!! 

Call or text: Gail @ 509-699-1199 

or message:

         Start by doing what's necessary; then do whats possible;
                 and suddenly you are doing the impossible!!!

See what are we doing this week….

Week #1  : Required  OSHA/Bloodborne Pathogens/If Saliva Were Red Videos. Introduction to                                                 Dentition & Impressions

Week #2  :  Introduction to dentition, taking impressions, familiarization with disinfection,                                                             sterilization and chair side equipment. 

Week #3  :   Quiz: Dentition.  LAB:  Impressions/Instruments/Sterilization & Tray Set-Up.

Week #4  :  Final assessment on impressions and pour ups,  lab: tray set up and instruments. 

Week #5  :  Instrument Quiz, Toothbrush methods, Fluoride, Sealants, Tray Set Ups

Week #6  : Tray Set Up Quiz,  Prophy, seating, hand placement, prep. the operatory and sealants

Week #7  :  Charting Quiz,  X-rays, patient communication, customer service

Week #8  :  Mock full patient intake, services, exam, treatment plan, charting, rescheduling

Week #9  :  Evaluation of complete patient appointment process and services

Week #10:  Final Exam, Part 1:  Tray Set Ups, Dentition, Instruments

Week #11:  CPR/Bloodborne Pathogens Healthcare Card.  Final Written Exam, Part 2.

Function and use room by room:

Class Room:

  • The classroom begins as a place to learn socialization, communication and bonding as a team.

  • It provides the focus on the direction to be taken to learn a base of information prior to moving to "hands on training".

  • This is where students will transform their home studies into topics of conversation and questions to be sure their reading/writing and testing as a group are at the same level of comprehension  as they move through the program.


  • In this area we are teaching the students how to "Meet and Greet" their patients while adhering to the HIPAA "Health Insurance Portability/Privacy Act".  As a student you will be learning to function as a "Team Member" with the Reception Staff to insure that your patient is properly cared for with greeting and scheduled and dismissed with the very best "Customer Service" having been provided throughout their visit with you today.


  • ​The policies and procedures for the transfer and sterilization of dirty instruments through the sterilization unit to becomiing cleaned and restocked onto trays or proper storage areas.

Operatory :

  • The fully functional, 10 chair, operatory is a great way for our students to receive "Continuity of  Instruction"  as a group.  Allowing the instructor to critique  when needed and give "Positive Reinforcement" during training.

X-Ray Room:

  • During the lecture and the hands on lab training of X-Rays the students are learning the proper "Bitewing", "PA" and "Panoramic"  procedures.


  • We highly recommend  "Snacks and Water" to keep the body and blood glucose energized.  These items are allowed in the classroom area at any time to optimize the flexibility of the brain to "listen and adapt" to a "new vocabulary of reading, writing and applying".

Congratulations to our current class students …….they are on their way to a new career path!!!

The students are excited for what lays ahead in their training as well as their future careers.

The combination of text book and "hands on training" chair side will allow you to offer an employer solid entry level skills so they can accelerate your’ in house training to what is needed in their office.

If you are interested in registering or to reserve your seat for the upcoming Dental Assistant class or the new Dental Reception/Billing class now would be the time to consider your options.


 Funding sources to research; upon qualifying there may be partial tuition funding available with OIC of Washington through a seasonal/temporary agricultural employment program. You might contact your local Skill source and/or Labor & Industries, should their programs apply to you.

I would recommend taking a CWSDA information/registration packet with you for their review.  This packet may be printed from this site or contact Gail @ or 509-699-1199 to have one sent to you.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions at 509-699-1199, or make an appointment to come by the office for a tour of the training facility to discuss any questions you may have with your