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Considering a Career in Dental Assisting?

Central Washington School of Dental Assisting (CWSDA) is North Central Washington’s newest vocational dental assistant training program and was established to provide an affordable vocational education for those individuals wishing to pursue a successful career as a dental assistant.

OUR GOAL is to provide each student with the fundamental professional skills necessary to seek employment within the Dental profession. Our highly trained and experienced professional staff will guide you step by step, with leading edge technology, as you prepare to enter the exciting field of dentistry. The small class size and a hands-on curriculum teaches beyond the fundamental skills to provide you with a competitive edge for employment in today’s challenging economy.

CWSDA offers individuals of diverse backgrounds and age groups wishing to begin a career or make a career change to fill a rapidly growing need for well-trained entry-level dental assistants. Interested applicants include High School/GED graduates, displaced employees from other careers and those simply wishing to make a career change or start a career.

Consider Your Career

  • Hands-On Training

  • Sterilization and Infection Control

  • X-Ray Exposures and Techniques

  • CPR & HIPAA Training

  • WA State Dental Assistant Registration

Consider Your Advantages

  • Variety

  • Flexibility

  • Excellent Work Conditions

  • Personal Satisfaction

  • Social Profession

Consider Your Opportunities

  • Dental Practices

  • Specialty Practices

  • Public Health Dentistry

  • Hospital Dental Clinics

  • Insurance Companies

Consider Your Potential

  • Average Pay of $35,640 (in 2013)

  • Employee Benefits

  • National Certification

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Dentist

 Spring/Summer class 2020 has begun!   Fall class will be on track for 

 September 26, 2020 

                     Tours always welcome by appointment

                                            Gail 509.699.1199

 Welcome!  Take a peek at our class.  

Our students are learning their new "Hands on Skills" in a positive environment while having healthy activities to keep food, fluids and fresh air as part of their training.

We are in week #8 and the students have already tested on dentition and instrument identification and charting.  This week they will also focus on "Greeting, seating and dismissing their patients within the HIPPA guidelines. 

Every week from now until end of class they will continue there hands on skills with coronal polishes, X-rays and impressions while focusing on dentition and instruments in the classroom.

The photos attached are of past students whom we hope have taken their skills out into the private sector of a new dental career. 

             Every accomplishment starts with a decision…….


    Visit us on FACEBOOK to get a sense of the class training  environment and student interactions.

Let CWSDA Give You the Tools

Central Washington School of Dental Assisting (CWSDA) Training Program prepares students for entry level employment within the Dental Industry. Students are taught general chair-side dental assisting with hands on experience, one-on-one instruction, and coursework in

  • Terminology

  • Sterilization procedure

  • Preparation of the patient for treatment

  • Digital X-ray examinations

  • Chart documentation

  • The education of patients in proper oral health care

  • Preparation of materials for making impressions and restorations

  • Exposing of radiographs and processing digital X-ray film as directed by the dentist

In addition, students will receive an introduction to orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, general anesthesia and sedation techniques. At the end of training, the student will have completed training for and receive the AIDS/HIV certificate, CPR and bloodborne pathogens certification and Washington State Dental Assistant Registration. 

The Goal of CWSDA is to be the pacesetter in providing affordable and practical education for those individuals wishing to pursue a successful career as a dental assistant.

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